Company profile

Supplier of packaging systems since 1978

SR Pack A/S was founded in 1978 and has achieved great know-how in the design of “End-of-Line” package solutions and offers complete solutions for box filling and associated equipment such as conver systems, checkpoints, X-ray equipment, and vision systems. Packing and handling of boxes is also a part of our solutions.

SR Pack is a major supplier in the international market for box filling, specializing in the bakery industry. Therefore the product range complies with the stringent technical requirements, including those relating to service, efficiency, on-line functionality, hygiene and documentation.

SR Pack currently employs close to 45 skilled and well-trained workers at the factory in Løsning.

Henrik Kristensen - Sales Director

"The combination of highly qualified employees and the use of three-dimensional design systems, AUTOCAD and other advanced tools, ensures quick and efficient order handling with a focus on high quality and on-time delivery."